Monday, August 27, 2007

Economic Development in Middletown

Tonight the Mayforth Group presents its report on the past, present, & future of econ. develop. here. With the Ford franchise leaving, the AutoCenter in town now for sale & as "an emergeing center for high tech," now is the time to pay attention to our future. We want good-quality jobs here that benefit the entire community, not just more Tim Horton's.

Come & listen & contribute. Enough of trash talk, let's get to the core of what can improve our community and keep it viable now and in the future. The Mayforth Group has some great ideas - many of which would cost us nothing to implement. Let's focus on key areas of interest & benefit to the town. Combine elements of this plan with the plan for the development of the Atlantic Beach side of town along with improvement of water quality and a quality waste treatment plan (sewers AND trash) and the Council may really be able to develop a forward-thinking atmosphere for our town instead of merely keeping to the beat.
Middletown cannot survive as merely the cheaper tourism place outside of Newport, the shopping mecca for Aquidneck Island, and one of the few town/cities in the State that meet the 10% affordability requirement. We need to keep the businesses we have & attract more good quality jobs. More second home & retirement residents may be good for the real estate market, but it's not going to allow residents to actually live & work here. This is one of the most important topics the Council will have on their agenda. Businesses bring in tax money and that is one way to keep local property taxes down.
I want my sons to be able to afford to live AND work here. What about you?
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