Sunday, August 26, 2007

Middletown's Monday Special Council Meeting

What started off as a meeting for the delivery/discussion of the Economic Advisory Committee's report by the Mayforth Group has now, liked Topsy, "growed & growed." There will be more trash talk - notably on how to fund all the containers. For a topic that has been on the agenda for MORE than a yr., it's still in the development stage with no trash hauling contracts yet signed. Could be fun. It must be refresing for "White Knight" Silveira & "Tries Harder" DiPalma to see another councilperson on the hot seat for a change ("Inspector Sylvia). But how hot will it get?
Last meeting the agenda called for awarding repair of about 75 catch basin contracts & funding. The paperwork was not available when the last Council meeting's announcement was posted & reporter "Middletown Newsletter" Ronald Santa objected & rightly so. Ahem, Rep. Long, paperwork when dealing with the people's government matters. Could also be fun. It will be interesting reviewing the exactly location of these basins, if it is available. Hmm, I'll bet there are catchbasins being repaired in each councilperson's neighborhood. The estimates came in much higher than expected.
Another item has to do with land aquistion. Got me there.
So what promised to be a rather short meeting has lost it's shine. 6:30 is the time.
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