Wednesday, July 19, 2006


"The Pier" is going to become a park.

Whitehouse has a headquarters on Broadway & Chafee on Spring. Whitehouse has been doing extensive campaigning (voter i.d.) for awhile here.

Beware on Second Beach of thieves. Do not leave anything of value alone!!!

Regarding Newport Hospital. Does anyone actually get to speak with a Doctor there if they are not the patient themselves? I know about the privacy laws, but I'm talking about adults who have given permission (spouses/children) or elderly who have given a power-of-attorney. You speak to a social worker or ?nurse. Then maybe a phone call if you're lucky. I've been to R.I. Hospital and one can actually SPEAK with they physician & ask questions. Not so lucky in Newport. Patients are frequently CONFUSED (SICK). Sometimes needed info does not get conveyed very well. Conveyer belt medicine. What are we fighting so hard to protect?

I enjoyed "Superman" & "Pirates of the ..." Weak plots, but lots of action. Great summer entertainment. "Pirates" is a cliffhanger (non-ending).

The news series filmed for "Showtime" in Prov. doesn't do the city or the Irish any favors. A "Sopranos" in Prov. with the Irish substituted for Italians.

Some Carcieri/anti-casino backers tried to get noted Democrats to lend their good names. No go.

Sen. Reed's baby due around Christmas.

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