Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The General Assembly's Education Budget

The "Daily News" today has the Assembly increasing the budget for Newport ($330,000), Middletown ($73,000), & Tiverton ($35,000). So, who's looking out for you - not the Guv or our State Sen. (who supported his budget, or at least lodged NO protests ). That's the good news!

Little Compton's budget was cut by $28,000. That's the bad news. In the Guv's budget Little Compton did extremely well, for some strange reason (no, I'm not cynical enough to believe that it was because it is heavily Republican OR because it has a Republican Senator & Representative). This small decrease puts it in line with the increases for the rest of the communities. So nice to know that Senator Gibbs stood up for Little Compton in the press, though - NOT!!! Since she represents more communities than any other Senator (or Rep.) I'm assuming that the Snooze tried to contact her.

This yearly budgeting lottery needs to end. Communities who have already presented their budgets, need to be assured of their funding long before this date. Our Senator also needs to find her mouth.

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