Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fight fans: Jerry Quarry's Brother, Mike, Dies

My husband told me about this this morning. Mike Quarry died today from DEMENTIA PUGILISTICA (atrophied brain). He was only in his 50's. His brother was Jerry Quarry, "Irish Jerry Quarry." He also was referred to as the "Great White Hope," although he didn't like this title. He was a light heavyweight with three other brothers who fought. Jerry was a handsome Irishman from California. He's referred to as the greatest fighter who ever didn't win the world championship, although he was a Golden Gloves winner. This was in the late sixties, early seventies. Three bothers died from the same thing - too many blows to the head.

My husband's father who recently died, was a ringman for Newport's Pudgie Post. Pudgie helped run the police Athletic League's boxing club for boys when they had one. My husband's cousin is Dan Dwyer who once boxed in the service (?Joe Frazier). A tough sport that you don't hear much about anymore. I remember as a young kid being at my grandparent's house in ?Riverside. It was the first house that they ever owned (and he was a carpenter!). I'd sit in the "den" with my grandfather and those small tv's. We'd watch the Friday night fights. There'd be a few bouts before the main ones. He'd pass out whatever change he had (pennies & nickels) & we'd bet. Then there'd be a lot of shouting & we'd divvy up.

R.I.P., Mike. A tough way to die.

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