Sunday, May 28, 2006

Where's the Beef, Senator Gibbs?

Evidently our State Senator has trouble bringing home the bacon. Not just now but in years past. On the State General Assembly site there is a listing of all Legislative Grants for 2006.

Sen. Majority Leader Paiva-Weed (Newport & Jamestown) - $169,567 - 31 grants
Sen. Felag, Jr. (Bristol, Tiverton, & Warren) $21,500 - 21 grants
Sen. Levesque (Portsmouth & Warren) $14,600 - 10 grants
Sen. Gibbs 12th dist. (Middletown, Little Compton, Newport, & Tiverton), $8000 - 4 grants.

Pitiful. And this happens year after year. Remember, Sen. Levesque has been in the Senate only TWO years, Sen. Felag - 8 yrs., and Sen. Paiva-Weed- 14 yrs. & represents a city (being Majority Leader doesn't hurt either). If Sen. Gibbs can't help bring back OUR own money, then, like, what's the point?

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