Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Grass is Green at Middletown's Third Beach

Lou DiPalma & friends

Ed Silveira & son Paul Roderiguez at left below Me!

I recently saw a letter from the Rec. Director (Tim Shaw) & Beach Commission Chair (Rian Wilkinson) thanking those who braved the lousy weather & helped plant beach grass last month. Then I remembered that I had pics from my new camera. Tom O'Loughlin from Pub. Works was there & I saw Helen Flynn who wouldn't let me take her pic. I just missed Teresa Santos but it was starting to rain & my son was getting cranky. Considering the weather it was a large turnout. A small bus with St. George's students was there, too.

The purpose of the plantings is to help hold the sand there & to provide a barrier from the polluted section of Third Beach (such a tragedy!). This is near where the old Navy Beach was. It's under the bridge where Bailey's Brook runs into the ocean. You used to be able to stand in the current there & feel the warmer water. Kids loved it there & so did I. But no longer.
This is my son, Tim, who was SO-O-O happy to be there early on a lousy Sat. morning.

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