Monday, October 07, 2013

General Hospital, Havre de Grace, and What's for Dinner?


It’s the eternal unanswerable question.  At one time I paid a website to furnish me with weekly menus and shopping lists.  It was designed for moms with little kids.  I had three grownups and a teen but  I didn’t tell them.
  It helped some, but not much.  Problem was- they didn’t come over my house and cook it or clean up after.  Really, how much time is there in a day as a working mom with kids, a husband, and a business?  Shop, cook, and then clean.  Not to mention general cleaning (hired someone TWICE a week- yes! She even did laundry, bless her little heart), exercise, errands, homework from teaching jobs, car stuff, etc., etc.  And exercise?  PLEASE!

If not in the mood for kitchen duty, there is one good eatery here in lovely Perryville- Johnny’s House of Sushi (no, you don’t have to get sushi- yeah!) with cheap drinks available & take-out.  There is also the de rigeur pizza or subs nearby.  If you're in-the-money and have some time, there is always the even lovelier (or is it quaint?) Havre de Grace.  It rhymes with “Have a disgrace.”  I learned that MANY years ago from Donald Dolce while at Washington College which no longer likes to be referred to as W.C.  (I can understand why). 

So… before I even fully answer the question and do the work involved… I confess… I watch a soap opera (?23 years).  I refer to it as my “down time.” My grandmother termed them her "stories" (e.g., "Days of Our Lives")  In the past while couch potatoing & being rudely interrupted by a child: “Don’t bother me, kid”  was my mantra.  No more kids (or hubby), but the routine is still the same.  For all life changes, it often doesn’t.

To delay the unanswerable question, my concern now becomes: what the heck is happening on “General Hospital?” A previous soap (“One Life to Live”) folded & so some of the characters appeared on General.  Okay.  Then they left.  Okay again.  But here’s the kicker, some reappeared as different characters.  You’d think some of the regulars on General would have noticed- “Hey, you look exactly like… but you’re not…?”  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Soaps generally have SOME reality in them.  Granted, they’re all beautiful people with super clothes, great bods, and really, really stupid.  They don’t seem to like, actually WORK, many are rich, and they all have problems- serious ones.  They also stop in various places and just stare (end of scene).  They never get tongue-tied, stammer, or have complexion woes.  They rarely go outside and don’t seem to have cars.  Or eat or have t.v.'s.  But they sure do drink!

They all make my life seem SO much better and I get fashion ideas (glitter is in, but not for men- just messy hair).  At least I’m not on husband 3 (or 4?) with various illegitimate kids and a villain pursuing me (well, that’s questionable- hello, ex).  BTW, none of them ever wear glasses- like most reporters.  And no facial imperfections, no matter what their age AND they have perfect hair!  Sigh.  That’s what I like about the British & PBS- people get old, have frizzy hair, and they don’t care.  I had to lie about my age to work as an extra on “House of Cards.”  Seniors just don’t exist in the U.S., especially women.      

On the soap blogs, regular humans like me also don’t seem to have noticed new characters recycled out of old ones and that’s even more worrisome.
But, enough!  So... what IS for dinner?General Hospital
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