Friday, October 04, 2013

Congress: "Trash Dust" and Do Something Useful

I Hate Dusting!

Perhaps “hate” is not the best word.  How about “abhor,” “despise,” or just “dusting, like, really, really sucks.”

I kinda liked the old fashioned feather duster (cuteness factor), but let’s face it- it did a lousy job at best even if you did spray it with Endust to keep the dust on the feathers rather than floating about.

I suppose one reason is that it forces me to face with prime fasciae evidence just how really bad a housekeeper I am, especially compared to my mother.  Granted, she never went as far as plastic seat cushions, but I think this was only due to cost, children complaints, dog claws, and the ultimate decider (my Dad) likely just giving her a dirty look- you know the kind I mean.  The “are you totally out of your mind” look.  Enough said about plastic covers.

A thorough dusting was on the agenda once a week and I mean everything- knick-knacks (grrr), furniture, lamps, etc., etc.  And she’d inspect.  If it didn’t move- it got dusted.  Or vacuumed.  Sometimes both.

As a result, I have few knick-knacks.  And if it was up to me (and sometimes it is)- eliminate those glass anythings, especially shelving or table tops.  Yes, they let in more light, open up a room, are pretty, blah, blah, blah, but when you can write your name on them (and sometimes I do allow myself that pleasure), those babies gotta’ go.  Unfortunately, my glass shelving is owned by my landlord (aka, Mr. “Bigwig” to distinguish him from my youngest son- just plain “Bigwig”).

The irony is that my mother no longer cares about vacuuming or dusting, or even black marks on the tiles.  This is a definite plus side of Alzheimer’s and poor vision.  She’s forgotten that she used to be so fussy and really can’t see the dirt anymore.  I say, “Hurrah!”

Dusting is the worst, following by vacuuming.  These tasks just never end and I don’t see a whole lot of benefit in doing either. 

So… where are the government regs when you really need them?  Dust is unhealthy so… can we ban it?  Not even all of it- just most.  I had thought many years ago that an interior vac system was just the ticket- no more dragging around heavy, awkward equipment.  You just had these neat little vents with covers.  Too bad that you just didn’t leave them open for a few minutes & the dust got sucked out.  No-o-o.  You hooked up the hose which you had to lug around and store.  Then you attached various nozzles.  Not really much improvement here to the dusting scenario.

My former husband did buy me that expensive system.  And it sat in the garage for years.  Who knows where it finally ended up- in someone else’s home (he was a builder), stored someplace, junked, or ???  He just didn’t care about dust (nor did his mother or father).

I’m all for “Ban the Bomb,” but let’s get behind what I’m betting the majority of the population could stand behind- “Trash Dust”- or something like that.      
I'm just saying... not for nothin'.
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