Thursday, August 30, 2012

Verizon Rant

***UPDATE: Repair tech GORDON-BVJ came about 11:30. Seems to have been THEIR problem; although unclear. I was treated WELL because I took the time & trouble to follow their phone suggestion- DISCONNECT everything from phone lines & try testing items one at a time. Didn't work but still it was worth a try. Thank you ! and You're Welcome! HAPPY FEET!

I have some phones and Internet service from Verizon.  Phones go dead, but not Internet.  I may not be the brightest bulb around, but this is not good news.
Quick phone call- all automated, of course.  The best that they can do is check the line- seems okay, but there could still be problems.  Bottom line, I'm not covered for repair work.  Charges are $75/hr.  Could be their problem, could be mine, could be a combo- who knows? 
So I book 'em, Dano.  Really, what choice do I have even though I doubt it's my telephones?
Then I notify my landlord (I live in a condo) of the good news.  Great guy, but not happy lately.  In the current assessment he lost SUBSTANTIALLY- buying at the height of the market.  The building is not new- heading towards 20 yrs. Everything has outlived it's life (and beyo-o-o-ond).
While I've done a lot of maintenance here on my own- I ain't no electrician, plumber, or refrigerator, and my rent ain't cheap. So, he's balking.
Hey, been there, done that.  Every penny you get in rent after you pay mortgage and taxes and other fees, ain't all profit.  Ummm. that's why I RENT!
But I digress.
Verizon is coming- beween 8 AM and 6 PM.  Huh! And I have to pay for this???  ALL DAY WAITING? I could call pizza delivery & get better service than that! Not for !  So I'm pisssd!  And I haven't rec'd a bill- yet! Who takes care of the condo telephone boxes in the lobby?  Hey, it ain't my fault if any wiring has gone bad.  All I did was plug things in expecting that they would work.
The plumber is also coming- broken tub spout valve.  Sigh.  And my very wide glass door blinds don't operate and my new kitchen light turns itself off sometimes.  I haven't even mentioned the rugs.  Sigh.
So nice when the phone companies were deregulated to provide us with hoice & better pricing.  So... how'd that work out for you? Thanks. Pres. Reagan. I don't suppose you're available for condo sitting.... no; any archangels not busy?
Blah, blah, blah.  Update- later!
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