Thursday, August 30, 2012

Middletown Elections Are Coming- Be VERY Afraid!

Sorry, well not really, that I have not kept up with Middletown politics.  I do know some of what's going on due to visitations, not the daily snooze (they charge).  Truly, it's not very high on my list since I no longer reside nor own property there!
I do know about the referendum question (above) and some of the local yokels running (I say this most affectionately).
I'll be short & sweet.  If you don't elect Ed Silveira, Barbara VonVillas, and Dick Adams- you are nuts & deserve what you get.  I've only heard mention of a few other names- "I've heard that song before." Feel free to check the archives!  Check Projo's, too.  Change is extremely difficult, if not impossible for most, so past performance matters!
It's highly questionable why ANYONE would want to run for Town Council/School Committee, but aren't you lucky that they do!  Hat's off to one and ALL of them!   
Pay special attention to State Lege races.  Often these candidates are ignored and get a free pass every year.  They Should Not!  High property taxes- thank them.  Tolls raised?  Look to them.  School woes?  Hey, cast your eyes towards Prov.  But, damn, they do know how to look effective and duck. It's often a beauty contest.  If you haven't got the physical attributes- spin city. So don't let the philistines escape!
Hang tough & buckle down!  Ask those  hard questions & duck the incoming. "Eggheads of the world- unite!  We have nothing to lose but our yolks!"  Adlai Stevenson.
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