Sunday, July 12, 2009

First (Easton's Beach) Beach

My new friend Barry Botelho, owner of the beach food concession stand & the subject of a NDN story (sorry, can't link), sent me some pics of the new prototypes thresher, or is it called a harvester?

I haven't yet seen it actually harvesting, but may be I'll be able to get some video up soon. It certainly makes for a BIG improvement beachwise which I pointed out to Rep. Kennedy when he was here. All that smelly, yucky seaweed which used to accumulate beachront is gone! Along with the smell & flies, bugs, etc. Yahoo! I've been here close to 40 years & it's NEVER been better. Now, if the sun would just shine, shine, shine. Thank god for "tan in a can," the only way a nice Irish girl like me is ever going to tan. The Portuguese part just does me NO GOOD whatsover.

Remember, the beach is still open with food, rides, etc. Myself, I'm partial to the lobster rolls. You can also check out the beach cams. With no closings this year (maybe only one at Atlantic Beach?), it's cleaner than ever there. Now if we could just say the same about the Third Beach area...

Yesterday, I had a tourist laughing at me during my walk. I had on my full length raincoat with the hood up, heavy jeans, & sneakers with socks. Heck, it was in the low 60's, windy, & rainy, and I was in a BAD mood. He looked at me & shoulted, "You look like you're dressed for winter!" Yes, and the problem with that is ???? it's July & FEELS like it. LOL!

Thanks to Barry for the pics. I meet such neat people on the web!
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