Monday, June 01, 2009

Signature Tune

In a follow-up to Saturday's post about the Moderate Party lawsuit, MPRI Chairman Ken Block writes about his meeting Monday morning with Board of Elections executive director Robert Kando. It turns out that the BoE is "re-designing" the signature collection forms, so the MPRI won't be able to start collecting those 23,500 signatures just yet. When will the re-design be complete? Kando didn't say. What's the procedure for redesigning the forms? There isn't one. The BoE will have to come up with some procedures . . . sometime. Then they can do the actual re-design . . . sometime.

If I were a cynical person, I might think that Kando's "form re-design" was just a shoddy ploy to delay the MPRI from collecting its signatures. But I am a stranger to cynicism, so I'll just assume that the Board of Elections has nothing better to do than re-design its various forms. If that's the case, then I've got a way for our cash-strapped state government to save some money: shut down the board of elections in odd-numbered years. Just think how much money the state would save if it only had to pay Robert Kando's salary every other year! I think I'll suggest this to my own state rep, Peter Martin, while I remind him about my views on marriage equality.

Meanwhile, Kando raised the possibility of appealing Judge Smith's decision. Ralph Mollis says State isn't planning to appeal the decision, but no word yet from Patrick Lynch whether the A.G.s office might do so.

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