Thursday, May 21, 2009

Newport's Rep. Martin Wants Your Opinion

I rec'd this from him today. So let him know!

To my constituents and other friends:

As you might know, the House Committee on the Judiciary recently held a 5+ hour hearing on Marriage Equality.

During that evening we heard testimony from both sides of this issue. In summary:

The opponents express their opinions that it is the 'will of God' that marriage should exist only between one man and one woman. They express their opinions that same sex marriage is a violation of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and a violation of natural law.

The proponents express their opinions that only by granting marriage licenses to couples of the same sex will those people be given their civil rights. When offered a compromise of 'Civil Unions', they argue that only through a legally recognized marriage, will they be given all of the rights that heterosexual couples are granted.

I am getting many emails on this subject from people from all over the state. I am sending this email to you because I would like to hear the opinons of my own constituents on this issue.

My questions are:

1. How would you want me to vote on this issue?
2. Do you think that this question should be put before the voters?
3. How do you think that you would vote if it were on the ballot?

I purposefully did not make this a normal 'yes or no' poll because I want to hear your expressed opions on the issue.

Please respond to my email address at

Thank you for your assistance on this matter.

Rep. Peter Martin
District 75
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