Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Middletown Sr. Center- Site for Locals?

**UPDATE** I did ask the Town Admin. regarding this seeming "favoritism." I asked to use the Center once & was told it was only available to the Senior Center.
The town does make its buildings available at no charge. News to me. In this case the Center will receive a donation & the custodian will be paid, although I'm not quite sure WHO will pay.

So if you want a public building- just ask (and let me know what happens)!

Mr. Brown (the "Quiet Man") also pointed out that the new police station will feature a community room. This is good news as there most certainly is a shortage of these available to the public. However, I hesitate in being too joyful as there is also one at the Newport Police Sta. However, at any point in time you may be asked to leave if they need it for a hearing. Tough luck then. So... what's the point?

There is a need for a written policy here. And instituting a passkey system just makes good sense.

So the attitude of the current Senior Ctr. seems to be: why the heck would we want to charge for use of our building when we can give it away for free to those we like? Sometimes the logic is mind-boggling. What is even more boggling is that more haven't complained- loudly.

I would not be surprised, though, if you see oncoming changes here- but not quickly. So I complained & got everyone's attention- if only for a short time. So try it yourself- and let me know what happens . ***

"Middletown Senior Center, Green End Avenue, Newport, 6 p.m. The Middletown Historical Society will hold its annual meeting and potluck dinner. Guests should bring a dish to share. Free." (today's' NDN)

So my question is- why not lease this place out for you know, like actual $ ? I'm assuming this group is paying janitorial overtime & no fee for this venue. It certainly was never presented to the Sr. Center Board. How about opening this building up to other local groups for no-fee where the treasurer is not also a Council person? You could institute a pass card system which would eliminate cusotian overtime.

Huh? Why? Income. Community service. HELLO! Why does it only work for some?

So I'm e-mailing town gov't officials. Will let you know any responses.
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