Friday, May 15, 2009

Recessions Stink

Well, they do. When I graduated from college there was one on. Just my luck!

I always check out Sheila Lennon's Projo blog. It appeals to my scattered brain. I've also gotten some good recipes here, heard a few jokes, played some games, etc. Sheila & I think alike. People think that I became a librarian because I'm organized. Au contraire, mon ami.

This is from a now defunct online mag ("Stimulus Times") from former Projo staffers who were deep-sixed. The video is from them. "Above: "Stimulus Package" - a music video featuring MC Kai Huang, B-boy Reed Frye and beatboxer Kurt Walters. Kai penned the rap about our current economic situation, he is an emcee and spoken word poet from Brown." Generally, I'm not fond of rap, but I like this one. It explains our current situation as well as I've heard. Been walking around town lately? Long-time businesses- gone. It's about as bad as I've ever seen it since the '73 Navy leaving.

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