Thursday, April 23, 2009

Salve Football in Middletown

The first commenter on the school budget at last night's workshop was Councilor Santos who held up the NDN & was concerned about the article regarding Salve's football team moving practices to the Gaudet field. Salve has been dissatisfied with the condition & parking availability of Newport's Toppa Field where it plays now. It seems as if she thought the Middletown schools were coming up with the $1 mil to substantially improve the field (not good in a budget workshop), or maybe she just wanted to ask for more details of the program, I'm not quiet sure. She was stopped mid-comment by mind-reader, oops, I mean School Chair Crowley, who asked to explain the new co-operative program.

Salve will pay for field improvements ADN resurfacing the track. It's also involved in a co-operative deal with the parents who have the concession stand there. This is a 40 yr. contract. Since Middletown plays football Fri. afternoon & eve, and Salve plays on Saturdays, the field will work for both groups.

Good deal and great news!
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