Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rep. Kennedy- Turns Flaws into Positive Action

Thanks to www.rifuture.com for pointing me to this article in the Wash. Post. What I like best about our Rep.- he's flawed (ain't we all), realizes this, & publicly admits it. And he does not claim to socially acceptable flaws like having cancer, being a reformed alcoholic, or spousal cheating. We can accept those- been there, done that or know someone close who has.

He comes right out & says that he suffers with mental health problems and addictions. And he does this every day. None of this- take a magic pill & all gone! If you don't think that all of this takes courage, ain't you blessed?

And even with all these major problems, none of them his fault, he flourishes. He gives hope to the hopeless. Is he perfect? Nope. And I like that. He's still in there slugging. And he takes the punches while giving them.

He didn't have to do this. Publicly admitting to serious mental illness or addiction is no fun. We expect perfection. Or at least faults that we all can identify with or have. But bi-polar? Drugs? Alcohol? Back burner, please. When was the last time you saw our local rag write about this? And not only does he admit to having faults, he fights for others having the same & often unable to fight for themselves.

What a guy. In my book- a modern day hero. These problems in my family? Yup. Up close and personal. Everytime he admits to his struggles, he gives hope to someone who believes that they are all alone and without any outlet for their illness. And he never had to do this. You just can't give this guy enough credit for what he's accomplished in my book. I heart Rep. Patrick Kennedy.
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