Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frontline Tonight

And speaking of Patrick Kennedy AND mental illness (from NAMI- www.namirhodeisland.org) comes the following. Think that none of this has anything to do with you? Think again. It's all about $. We'd rather spend big bucks on prison than much smaller $ on treatment which works. But it is THEIR fault after all, right? Talk about short-term thinking. These are our throw-away people along with those living in poverty. It's just someone else's problem, right? Heck, let's get to the real reason we don't want anything to do with those Newport Schools here in Middletown. But I digress:


An intimate look at the lives of prisoners with serious mental illnesses. What happens to them after they leave prison or jail? Why do they return at such alarming rates?
Tonight (April 28, 2009) on PBC, a documentary, The Released, will be shown on Frontline. The program is a follow up to the 2005 documentary, The New Asylums, which focused on what happens to individuals with mental illness in Ohio's prison system. Tonight's documentary looks at what happens when prisoners with mental illness are released. The program will profile four inmates after release. The Released will air Tuesday, April 28, at 9 P.M. (8P.M. CST) on PBS (check local listings). Watch the trailer at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/released/On Tuesday, April 28th, Frontline returns to Ohio to tell the disturbing story of what happens to these individuals when they are released from prisons into the community.
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