Thursday, April 16, 2009

Middletown to Tax Tents

Did I catch your attention? The Middletown Council meets next Mon. at 7. Here is the agenda. Most is pretty routine & has been discussed before. And then there's the new tent tax & regs, also referred to as an ordinance. But I suppose this is all due to the terrible tent tragedies we've had here lately. Oh, that's right. There haven't been any. However, there was the state problem... oh, that's right; there weren't any there either. Though I'm forgetting the huge demand & outcry for these regs. Nope, no-go there either.

I remember a few years ago when the circus was held here in a tent. Then there are weddings, parties, fundraisers, the Bird Santuary's annual breakfast, the concerts at Sweet Berry Farm, etc. Well, bye-bye.

If your tent is larger than 120 sq. ft. (10x12) it needs a permit from the Building Inspector. It's good for 30 days. A tent is any structured canvas-type structure. You also will need permission from the fire dept. Think any of this will be easy? Ever tried to get either out to your property; esp. the fire dept- unless it's a fire? Think they just give out assents without further requirements? Silly you. God bless you if there is to be 200 or more.

Stupid. Some of the fire regs, if, indeed, you can actually find out what they are, make little sense and are expensive to comply with. Not to mention occupying expensive personnel with something the building inspector could likely do, but can't. Because the State says so & few can figure out what the your local fire dept. demands anyway.

Will it pass? Sigh. Likely. Just another tax- this one is more complex than most & sounds good until you really get into the nitty gritty of EXACTLY what license compliance means. But will anyone even ask? Whose idea was this anyway? Let me guess...

Farewell Bird Breakfast, concerts, parties, blah, blah. Plenty of hotels around though, right? Sigh.

What's the difference between a tax & a fee? Taxes are generally fairer. How much more can we get gouged? Wait a minute, I'm sure they'll figure out one to cost you $. Just remember, sooner or later, these fees likely apply to you too, or you contribute towards them.
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