Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Middletown Senior Center Problems are Political

I'd give you the NDN source, but they are no longer posting many of their articles (beyond intro paragraphs). You've got to buy (or not)! The article by Matt Sheley covers my recent complaints regarding the Senior Center's ignoring Open Meeting Laws since they were put into effect. I detailed Eileen's Excellent Adventure into the Senior Center in my recent articles.

This from Senior Center Director Kaull "...we do what we're supposed to with the secretary of state... To me , this is political and ridiculous. There are more imporant things to worry about." And then, "No one here is trying to evade the letter of the law or anything like that..." No, they're not actually trying to do that- it just comes naturally. Political. Hmm. Isn't that how the Director got her job or am I not supposed to say that?

Yes, I was home alone for a few weeks, recovering from surgery, trying to figure out a way to "get" Senior Center Director because... I'm "playing politics and trying to stir up trouble where it doesn't exist." Poor, poor, pitiful me. Actually, I thought that I was being rather nice about the whole thing. I could have filed a complaint with the Attorney General... and may still.

So I jumped into my handy-dandy time machine and set it to go back in time a few years ago. I made her do things to decrease center membership, forced her to run the center from a personal checkbook, and encouraged her to add $ to the center budget.

Then I came back in time, hacked into the Sec. of St. website (clever me), and changed all their filings. I also was able to use mind control and change the memories of all center board members. Now if I could only change our stock portfolio...

What a woman! And I did all of this while taking dopey pills. Imagine if I had actually been alert & well.

No, it's not a grudge match. I don't believe in vengeance, nor do I actively practice hating anyone. Life is too short (and too much fun) for that. It also makes for facial wrinkles. I have nothing personal against her. As a matter-of-fact, she can be quite entertaining & fun. Is this all political? In the sense that it does have to do with government- yes, it is. I've been interested & involved in politics all my life. One of my earliest memories (I was 4) is when I was lifted onto my Dad's shoulder to see/listen to candidate Adlai Stevenson on a whistlestop (remember, my Dad was a r.r. man) in 1954.

Nope, no grudge, but not afraid either. Comes from having a Portuguese mom & Irish father. Ours was NOT a quiet household.

So send that fish my way- Friday would be good. LOL!
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