Thursday, April 02, 2009

Middletown Councilor Speaks on State Budget

I'm including a video clip with this in case you don't know who Barbara VonVillas is and because I'm experimenting with using video. In this Feb. 2, 2009 meeting, VonVillas is making a motion to have an actual process for choosing volunteers for the town's boards. It failed. I'm shocked, shocked that gambling is going on- oops, I mean, that it failed.

Here is her letter to Sen. DiPalma, Rep. Ruggiero, & Senate Prez Paiva-Weed. It's about time that someone locally actually spoke on the proposed State budget drastically cutting local funding:

As a member of the Middletown Town Council, I would like to express my concerns about the proposed revision of the Supplemental Budget, which will have a devastating effect on Middletown finances.

Aside from the fact that Middletown appears to have been targeted for much higher percentage cuts than most of the other districts across the state, I am just as concerned that propsals that have potential savings have been set aside.

Pension reform, among other cost-saving initiatives such as a mandated co-pay, should be a priority. The unions are waiting to see what the state government will do. If you do not set a standard, negotiations will be more difficult for those districts that are trying to decrease or limit contract benefits.

Municipalities have been asked/directed to tighten budgets and fund only necessities while the General Assembly refuses to help but seems to be choosing to pass the hard decisions down the revenue stream. Where is the courage we need from the leadership?

You were elected to represent us by making the hard decisions. Now is the time to do so.

Barbara A. VonVillasMiddletown Town Council.

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