Thursday, April 09, 2009

Middletown Council Meeting, Pt. 2.

Councilor Silveira was appointed to theNarragansett Bay Coyote Study Committee.

Council appointments: Greg Schutz- Zoning Board (currently on it. Now there are two openings)

Rev. Chris Epperson & Carol Silvia- Substance Abuse Task Force (the only two applicants for two openings)

Alex Saunders- Open Space & Fields Committee (only he applied for FOUR vacancies)

Gladys Lavine- Planning Board

Ah, now the latter appointment. There were two applicants. She is currently on the Board & was actually voted in previously until Councilor Bozyan was told his voting for his sister was a conflict of interest. So he recused himself & left the dais this time. Councilor Sylvia suggested that the position be re-advertised. Councilor Santos wanted to know if they could vote in both (NO- regulated by State law). So the Treasurer of the local Dem. Town Committee, sister-in-law of that Chair, & the sis of the Councilor was voted on. 3-2 with VonVillas, & Sylvia voting against. Silveira was not there (illness). Done and done.

So apply for some of these board openings!!! So, quit your whinig and be part of the solution! Meet your neighbors & see up close how the system works. Click here.
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