Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Middletown's Senior Center

I'm planning a few short articles on the local Senior Center. The only thing that has been slowing me down is a lack of energy. Guess, all that mojo is going into the healing process.

I chose the center for a number of reasons which will become evident. Before any hubub even begins, I have no hidden agenda or target here. "Nothing but the facts, ma'am." Yes, once again I'm actually dating myself. I do remember "Dragnet."

I intend to point out some problems with this town department, perhaps something of its history & a plan for what the future may bring. Yes, it has to do with $. To think that the town can continue to operate status quo, is naive & dangerous. Changes will happen and soon.

Rather than one long article, I'll make the postings short & frequent. Mind you, I support a Senior Center. If it were up to me & we had the funds, I'd support a total rec center for all groups. But we're a small island. These are areas where working island or even county-wide would work and result in better, more cost-effective programming.

I'll try & get the first posting up tomorrow. So disarm those little pistols and remember (sob, sob), that I, too, am a SENIOR.
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