Monday, January 05, 2009

NDN Updates

They ran 3 recent who-cares? The stories of: Canole, Gibbs, & Steinbrenner. Gimmeabreak! You wouldn't want to follow-up on anything that was actually, like, y'know, relevant or newsy. Easy articles that the NDN loves- one interview- all done. Takes up lots of space, too. Just like police reports, court reports, etc. Funny, no divorces or bankruptcies though.

What did I learn? I've already written the one on Gibbs. Nice lady. Should have opted to stay home & clean her own house instead of the people's. She's proudest of her 1990-something billboard law. Thanks for nothing. Canole- Former Newport School Sup't. Love all the family members working on the public dime. What? Yours don't too? And the former Newport city manager? Why? It would have been far more interesting if he had dished the dirt (and he certainly could have) rather than run as a promotion for business at Smith Barney. A waste of good reporters to my way of thinking.

At least there wasn't another interview or quotes of Keith Stokes from the Newport Chamber of Commerce. That poor man is used so much by the newspapers that he should just start his own paper or at least be listed as a reporter.

Yeah, public ownership of newspapers. I like the idea as opposed to more bailouts such as the one being discussed in Conn.
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