Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Farewell, Sen. June Gibbs

The NDN front page above the fold proclaims: "June Gibbs got things done her way." I wasn't going to comment on it. Nope. Let it stand on it's own. Then my husband came home with the NDN which he'd read at Tim Horton's along with a sandwich. He was mad as a hornet while saying if that's how they were going to spend his tax money, he was on his way out of this state. How stupid are the voters anyway? I knew what he was talking about.

I've actually given up asking this question since I know the answer all too well- any country that could vote for Geo. Bush TWICE ain't way up on the i.q. charts.

"But she also knows how to get things done. One of her biggest achievements was a bill prohibiting new billboards. It was controversial at the time and the industry heavily lobbied Senate leaders to block the legislation. It did not look promising." She got it passed.

That's it. A 26 yr. career in the Lege & that's her accomplishment. Forget that billboards are subject to zoning. She got it done. They also pay taxes.

June, I could have given a better answer than that for you. She is, after all, a Republican liberal dinosaur. That's how she survived. She'd pick up endorsement after endorsement- Marriage Equality Rhode Island, Ocean State Action, Clean Water Action, the Sierra Club (you get my drift). Not so our current Senator-elect who is about as conservative a Democrat as you can get. Why did they give them? She'd support many of their issues & then they could pride themselves & advertise on being non-partisanship. So how did that work out for you? Shame on you. Her support likely cost you needed votes. You had the opportunity to support others but chose not to do so.

A billboard law. 1990. It restricts adding any new ones. And thanks to the NDN for repeatedly endorsing her along with any Republican who could spell their own name drunk or sober.

Her project now besides cleaning her house is eliminating the so-called party lever. We would have been better off for 26 yrs. if she'd spent more time cleaning her house. The party lever-with all the problems we've got, she choses the lever. The stupid lever which wouldn't make a darn bit of difference.

God bless you, June, a decent well-intentioned woman. You deserved better. It's not the reporter's fault. He just asked the questions. He doesn't even assign titles. We all deserved better. How stupid do they think we are? Very. How stupid are they? Same answer. We get exactly what we deserve.

I refuse to bang my head on the wall any longer. I've got laundry to do. Goes in dirty, comes out clean. Every politicans' dream. A least June was always clean & showed up. What the heck were you talking about and why? Making chocolate chip cookies good enough for the Senate Speaker or not, I'm surprised that they didn't run your recipe. When can I expect the article on former Rep. Bruce Long? Wonder if he's a baker, too?

Too bad you haven't disassociated yourself from the Republican Party unlike your hero Chafee. They didn't exactly knock themselves out trying to get you reelected. But that's because you're viewed as a dinosaur in your own Party. It will be fun watching who they get to run & take your place in the next election. It's a wide-ranging district after all.

Thanks to NDN reporter Joe Baker for this informative report. Not only is my house cleaner, but so, too, my clothes. A clear case of it being better to keep one's mouth shut & having people think that you're an idiot rather than opening your mouth & removing all doubt.
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