Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sea Whale & Vet go Solar

I go by the local motel "Sea Whale" all the time. It seems that they have decided to instal solar hot water (and with no lege grant!). An earlier article this week in the "Newport Daily News" dealt with the local vet - Newport Animal Hospital- doing the same. For most home owners this just doesn't make sense financially. I recall ? 20 yrs. ago when the state & feds were giving tax credits to make all this feasible (including insulating your home). When they died, so did all the "greening." Pity. So check them out when you go by!

In my Council election proposals, I proposed starting a "greening" committee. Newport has done it. I'd certainly like more info on this topic- not just for local gov't bldgs, but for my own home.
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