Saturday, October 25, 2008

On the Campaign Trail

So what am I hearing? Middletowners are tired of what they perceive as "insider politics" & bloc voting (they're not as stupid as some evidently think) . Trash, trash, trash! We have residents who can't afford the bags or the $50 fee. I brought up this problem when the idea of this pay program was first begun with no provisions made. It should be a town service provided to everyone. Why did this concern never surface initially? Calling it a "fee" when we all pay for it anyway is deceptive. It's a tax- not even a user tax since we ALL pay for it whether or not we use it. People want the program that Newport has- pure & simple.

People want change and they're angry. They're angry over the bailout or "re-investment" plan- although the plan itself still seems to be mighty fuzzy. They're concerned over the lack of affordable housing (and it's decreasing locally). They want driveable streets, sidewalks, & clean water. And they're worried about how they will continue to be able to afford local taxes imposed by the State government.

They want good schools but don't know how to pay for them. And they resent local politicans who find good jobs for family members & relatives.

Many seniors wisely applied for absentee ballots as they were afraid of long-lines & long ballots. They're going through those Charter changes, trying to understand them. While they want open space bonds, they're worried about how to pay for them & connect it with the lack of affordable housing.

Plenty of work here facing the coming Council- and none of it with easy solutions. We passed "easy" a long time ago. Anyone who is telling you they can cut your taxes & provide you with more services (and I've seen plenty of promos & ads spouting this) is plain out-and-out LYING. One plus one still equals two. How stupid do they think we are- VERY or else they are severely lacking in gray matter themselves. Read between those lines & ask for those blanks to be filled in.
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