Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Recent Portsmouth Protest

I rec'd this letter regarding a recent fundraiser for my Rep., Amy Rice, that took place in Portsmouth. Darn, just my luck that I missed it! Amy represents parts of Portsmouth, Middletown, & Newport (hey, I didn't draw the lines).

"Last Sunday night, my friend and I proudly hosted a private fundraiser at my home, for our state representative and candidate for re-election, Amy G. Rice. She has worked hard for District 72 and we wanted to help her return to the statehouse for us. Earlier in the day, her opponent, Dan Reilly, had been at my house going door to door. I explained I was supporting Amy Rice, and mentioned the fundraiser as a case in point. I was astonished that evening during the fund raiser, to see four of his supporters directly in front of my house holding his signs up and chanting- for three hours- in the rain. Aside from providing comic relief, I was at a loss as to what such juvenile behavior accomplished for Mr. Reilly, other than harassment of a potential constituent. We did, however, notice that election signs of Ms. Rice’s had disappeared about the same time and more of Mr. Reilly’s had appeared in questionable areas.

Is this the type of behavior we want of a leader? While I realize that he only 19 years old, I would expect a person representing my district, to have a modicum of decorum or at least the common sense to ask others concerning certain protocols. Holding a public office is a serious responsibility, and not just signs and matching rain ponchos.

I proudly support Amy Rice for re-election to State Representative of District 72 and encourage you to do so. Learn more about her and/or how to support her at www.amyrice.org.

Dr. Katherine Waters
87 Annette Drive
Portsmouth, RI 02871"

Maybe a rally could be held outside Reilly's residence urging him to ask Daddy to pay the cool mil he still owes the state in back taxes before he decided to fly the coop & re-locate to Florida. It must be going toward the pricey tuition at Bryant. Heck, someone has to pay it. Kinda like a state scholarship. Too bad my son & a lot of other kids at URI aren't able to obtain the same funding.

Is this a fair assessment? I think so when your principal means of support is dear old Dad.
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