Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sen. June Gibbs is a Republican!

File this under: I can't stop laughing! I rec'd a postcard mailer from her campaign today. Why on earth you'd target a house full of Dems escapes me, but what do I know. It's in FULL COLOR yet- a first! Her campaign actually spent some moola. Gee, maybe that 47% vote I got actually lit a fire that some real campaigning may be called for.

Great pic- she's standing in black in front of the Statehouse. Hello, fashion police: needed. Sorry, like I said nice pic for a funeral. My top-notch political advisor (I'm not joking here) said no-go on statehouse pics. Bad connoation; but again, what do I know?

Now last time the fact that she was a Republican was on her logo & her mailings. Not this time. Nary a whisper that 4 yrs. ago she was part of the R.I. Bush re-election camaign and likely just returned with former Rep. & now CFO of the Transit & Bridge Authroity's Christine Callahan. In Projo's article by reporter JOHN E. MULLIGAN, Chris is quoted as a "a self-described “John Chafee Republican.”

Hello! Chafee finally woke up to the new Republican Party & is now an Ind. campaigning for Obama. The Rep. Party left you & June & Eileen Slocum behind a long time ago. They really do not want you. Nor Rep. Bruce Long either. But you're better than the alternative, I guess.

June & I actually agree on many things and are far more alike than disalike. The trouble is that June is ineffective because she's in the minority in the minority.

The front pic refers to her as "a strong, independent State Senator." Now, really, isn't this a bit disingenuous. Yeah, the "I" in "independent" isn't capitalized, but outside of a few English teachers, who's going to notice that? You'd never surmise that she's a REPUBLICAN.

Now I don't want to be picky (well, I actually do) , but June collected $7000 in aggregate contributions. That means that no one contributed $100 or more from individuals. Hope she kept a list of $ givers because I doubt it. Strange as the in-kind contribution from the Atlantic Beach Club owner is only $1000. So how many could you feed there for that kind of $? How much was a ticket? Not much as I recall. Someone enlighten me, please. Now where's the money spent for web hosting on the financial filings? This mailer must have blown about half of your $. Better get out there & fund-raise. Or maybe the Republicans (oops, I forgot), the small "i" independents will fund you. I'll be watching those filings because I know how much these campaigns costs. And because I'd rather do that than housework anyday.

Here is her website:

Enjoy! But don't bother unless you want to see her old REPUBLICAN logo. There is nothing there. Last time it was just a dupe of her lege website which wasn't much. She does have an actually e-mail address to take the place of her old silly one:

Now one of her d abullets mystifies me: "Advocating for education." When? Where? I remember when the Guv cut the school budget & awarded the cut funds to charter schools which we didn't have at the time (we now have a small one in Newport). She was all for it. She was also on the recent fair funding for school committee. So how did that work out for you?

She also is "helping you access state gov't." I hope that's working out better than her website. Too bad her own Party's guv (I won't say the Party name) vetoed a recent open access bill.

By the way, the support for good ole George W. Bush- that working out any better? June was also an early McCain supporter this year. Where's the pic with him on the front? Now, I know that you have one, June. I for one would LOVE to see it. The McCain/Paline one, too. Heck, put them up on your website. Why not?

Look, I'm really trying to be fair here. So which part have I got wrong? Keep that sunshine shining! Watch what your legislators are doing (and saying). No one, no matter how nice they are, or what their age or their sex is, get a pass -EVER. This stuff is just too important.
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