Thursday, September 04, 2008

Candidate Ruggiero On E-Z Pass Bridge Toll

The Daily News ran an editorial on this & rightly so. If it effects everyone like a tax, costs $ like a tax, and raises income like a tax, it ain't a fee- it's a TAX! I'm concerned with transponders that cost a pretty penny ($25-$30), can't be switched between cars, and a program that has already cost us $170,000 . I'm mystified as to how this program is going to save the Bridge Authority money when it's crying for additional funding & will likely raise tolls. See my previous posting here on the details so far.

I received this press release early today:
State Representative Candidate Deb Ruggiero Advocates for Discounts for Host Communities

Jamestown/Middletown, RI— The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority’s (RITBA) EZ Pass toll program has raised major concerns and questions for many Jamestown [and Middletown, Newport, & Portsmouth] residents [and workers].

State Representative candidate Deb Ruggiero has joined with Senator Teresa Paiva Weed in calling for public hearings, but also wants to ensure that residents receive discounts.
“I want to see discount rates for local community residents and discounts for those local communities,” says Democratic State Representative candidate Deb Ruggiero, “As I knock on doors in the district a number of residents have expressed strong concerns about this EZ Pass program; I am an advocate for the tax payers and the people of this community. We need to ensure that if a family has more than one car they’re getting an additional discount on their transponders.”

Senator Teresa Paiva Weed and State Representative candidate Deb Ruggiero are united on behalf of local residents and will attend the hearings and ask questions regarding the implementation of the EZ Pass program.

“This is an issue that impacts local residents as well as our tourism industry”, says Senator Teresa Paiva Weed, “and the implementation of EZ Pass must be done in cooperation with the other states.”

Ruggiero has been in contact with RITBA and has been raising the concerns and issues that she has as well as those that she’s been hearing as she goes door to door.

Ruggiero, whose strength is communications and working across boundaries with the business community, the media, and non-profit organizations to realize positive results for the public, will be a hard working and a strong voice that people in Jamestown and Middletown can trust in the House of Representatives.

The public hearings are Saturday Sept 6th from 9am to 12 noon at RITBA Administration Office/ Maintenance Facility in Jamestown and Tuesday Sept 9th from 5-8 pm as well as Monday Sept 8th from 5p-8pm at the Colony House, Washington Square Newport.
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