Monday, September 22, 2008

Saving Financial Markets vs. Good Schools

I'm having trouble with this. It's a-ok to throw money at troubled markets with little oversight. It's not okay to do this with schools. How many times have I heard it said that throwing money at education wouldn't solve any problems? Sure it would. We give them hardly any federal $, few state dollars, & bury the local property owner with taxes. Then we inundate our schools with benchmarks, testing, & standards. We punish them & place schools on public lists for non-performance. But for financial markets, we just hand show them the $- immediately.

I'm confused. What are our priorities as a nation? Well, clearly if there was ever any doubt, we know what they are now. The only good news as I see it is that it will be difficult to keep funding two wars & this many finally spell out its demise.

Let me recommend an excellent book for you readers out there who wonder how we got outselves into this mess. I rec'd the heads-up from Bill Moyers who frequently has him on his show to explain all matters financial. It's not an easy or quick read, but extremely informative & I enjoyed his observations.

It's by Ken Phillips, a former Nixon financial advisor- remember the reverse tax? The gov't paid you $ if you earned below a $ amount. Yes, this was a Republican proposal- oh, for the good old days. The book is "Bad Money." If you're fuzzy of some of this financial stuff, give this a read. I sometimes now explain things to my hubby & he's a whiz at all-things financial. I need to give it a quick re-read with all the current buzz. This guy was looking through his crystal ball & was right on the money (no pun intended).

Both political parties have no-where to hide on this one. Both can & should be held accountable. But John McCain??? Please. Just more foxes in the henhouse. Gee, isn't that a book, too. "Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy." Next on the list. Try the public library or your local bookstore.

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