Thursday, September 11, 2008

Banned in Middletown AND Portsmouth!

Yes, it's true. I'm now blocked on TWO school department networks. Portsmouth? Go figure. I've rarely blogged on them, let alone their politicans. Only recent did I even add them as a label. is not banned, nor is Just me.

Have I used bad words? No. Published porn? No. Although I may have posted a pic of my dog, Holly, without clothes on. Did I promote overthrowing the government by violent means? No, just by elections. So why me?

It's may well be a blocking program blocking certain hosts (mine is So again I ask (and have rec'd no answer from Middletown, BTW), what are your blocking standards? I'm certainly not any worse than newspapers who frequently publish opinion. What happened to free speech? Exactly what are we protecting two school systems from? Please take a look at my profile & pic. You're protecting them from a 60 yr. old retired schoolteacher? Yes, very scary, indeed.

Who and what else are you protecting them from?

And more to the point- is John McDaid of Hard Deadlines blocked?

I believe in sharing the glory. Sometimes he even has given me- "Ideas." Bann that man and his Portsmouth-sited blog today!

Is this the equivalent of being banned in Boston?
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