Thursday, August 21, 2008

Senior Farm Vouchers

This was certainly well publicizied-NOT! I just read about it. Councilor Santos, where were you? This comes from Middletown's Senior Center website which ain't much but at least has the current newsletter up. You can call the Dir. but don't bother with e-mail.

The Senior Farmers Market Program August 1st – October 31st 9:00am to Noon

Purpose: To provide locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables to low-income seniors.

Eligiility Criteria: Must be 60 or above and have an annual income of:
* 17,223.50 for a single individual
* $23,106.50 for married couples

Benefits: Each approved applicant will receive a voucher with three (3) $5.00 coupons to purchase at APPROVED Farmers Markets in the state. Vouchers will be available on August 1st at the Middletown Senior Center.

This works around the State, I assume. Granted, it ain't much, but it's something.
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