Thursday, August 21, 2008

Councilor Silveira's Fundraiser

Ed ("The White Knight") Silveira's fundraiser is this Tuesday, Aug. 26 at the Newport Playhouse from 6:30 to ?; dinner at 7 & there is a cabaret following. Send $ to 172 Ridgewood Rd. in Middletown or just e-mail me that you want to come. Donation is $50.

Why should you go? Forget the politicking if you like. If Ed is involved at all in the party, it's going to be an excellent one. Ed works for a restaurant supply vendor (Sysco). So expect the best of food (surf and turf- yum), the best setting, & the best entertainment. Expect to see a LOT of people there.

You were, of course, supposed to reply last week. Yeah, I'm late. I'll be there with my husband. I forgot to mention Councilor Sylvia's fundraiser last week. It was very well attended. Sorry, I never posted a notice as computer woes were getting me down. I still have some, but they're improving!
So come already! Support your favorite local candidates, whoever they are. It's a cold world out there.
BTW, Ed, there will be TWO of us. But you knew that, right?
I'm also pointing you here to his town website. Look at his assigned committee membership - ONE. Di Palma's is slightly better- TWO (he made the proper obeisance) . Everyone else is 4-5. This was NOT the "White Knight's" choice. It's where he was placed in isolation for being a bad boy. Now you may begin to understand why I'm a Dem, but running as an Independent. And why both he & Sylvia are running as "unendorsed" Dems. Kinda makes you wonder why we're all so very "BAD," doesn't it? I guess none of us are all that good at being told what to think or do or how to act. Or maybe it's just our breath...
I'll also add that this part of the town website could certainly use some "sprucing up."
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