Saturday, August 02, 2008


The weekend edition of the Newport Daily News includes a response to Cap'n Mike's recent diatribe from Cornelius F. Murphy, Jr., of Middletown. Murphy's LTE is admirably even-tempered in tone. Using logic and sweet reason, Murphy points out that while the United States is not the source of all evil in the world, neither is it the source of all good. He notes that "Our Founding Fathers had the intention of making us an independent nation, not one that is destined to govern all of humankind", and that "it would be a mistake to think that a recycled American exceptionalism will enhance our prosperity or that of the world at large."

I applaud Mr. Murphy's reasonableness. Reason can be a valuable tool in the fight against Cap'n Mike's brand of extremism. But, I firmly believe, so can savage, unrelenting mockery. I hope Mr. Murphy continues to act as the voice of reason. I certainly intend to continue acting as the voice of derision.
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