Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wingnut Thursday at the NDN

It's Thursday again, and as always, Thursday is Wingnut Day at the Newport Daily News. This particular Wingnut Thursday hits us with a double dose of Teh Stupid. First up is Kathleen Parker of, who chimes in with a piece echoing the McCain campaign's latest talking point: that Barack Obama can't win because he's too popular. (Good luck with that one, guys.) Next is political "cartoonist" Robert Ariail of the Charleston, S.C. The State, with a cartoon from a couple of weeks ago echoing the previous McCain campaign talking point: that Barack Obama can't win because nobody likes him.

You have to wonder: is the NDN trying to make a subtle point by juxtaposing these sequential, yet diametrically opposed, right-wing talking points? If my suspicions about Cap'n Mike Caldwell are true, this could be more clandestine liberal political satire from Sheila Mullowney and her band of merry pranksters. If so, then well done, Sheila. My hat's off to you.

UPDATE: Technically, I shouldn't be including this one, since it appeared in the Wall Street Journal rather than the NDN. Nevertheless, in the interests of thematic consistency, I hereby present a piece by Amy Chozick arguing that Barack Obama can't win because he's too healthy.

UPDATE 2: Superficial New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd repeats Chozick's "Obama is too healthy to win" argument in her own column. And my brain doesn't fall out of my head, because I no longer have a brain.
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