Thursday, September 04, 2008

Middletown Schools Restoring Frosh Sports

***UPDATE*** This in from the NDN's reporter Matt Shelley. As my husband said, it takes a good Irishman, Wm. A. Kelly (class of 70) to do that! Baseball is back & football may also return. "Besides donating several thousand dollars to help the program this year, Kelly is helping create a permanent fund to support freshman sports for years to come."

Kelly no longer lives here, but owns Kelly Financial Services of Braintree, Mass. What a great thing to do! You may also make donations to the "Middletown High School Freshman Sports Fund" by sending a check to MPS on 26 Oliphant La., 02842.

Now if there were just some really rich nurses out there, they could restore them to each elem. school

From Meaghan Wims of Projo:
The School Committee last night shaved roughly $78,000 from its current-year budget plan by eliminating the freshman football and baseball teams, three part-time teaching assistants and one school bus.

The schools still have $15,000 to cut for a balanced budget.
Kraeger [sup't] said it will be difficult to find the remaining money, particularly if more teachers are needed to handle unexpected growth in enrollment.

Classes sizes now are maxed out. "The school district has so far recalled only about five of the 16 positions it eliminated for this school year."

When will fingers start being pointed to those who mandate everything & provide little (State funds cover 30-40% of expenses; feds- around 7%). It's not the income tax, the sale tax, etc. It's the property tax! You know, the ones the guv "forgets" to pay (Helmsley- "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes ..."). Hello Guv, General Assembly, Congress, Pres.

Newport, Tiverton, & Little Compton teachers are all still in contract negotiations.

Let's start to hear some chatter here!
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