Saturday, June 14, 2008

Newport Immigration Roundup

You know these people. Perhaps not by name, they tend to work behind the scenes. They mow your grass, clean your retaurant dishes, and have coffee with you. Their kids attend school with yours. They came here probably for the same reasons your ancestors did- to escape poverty.

They want their kids of have better lives than they did. The work hard for low wages, performing jobs no one else wants. Without them, many local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses would not exist. They collect pay checks, pay taxes, & keep low profiles.

Immigration is a federal problem and it's been ignored way too long. We need a solution now that not only protects our country but is humane.

The "Newport Daily News" has recently re-vamped and decided it should do what it does best- report the news. Enough with endless features & AP articles. I've never seend as many comments on an article as M. Catherine Callahan's writings. Check it out. The forums the "News" sponsor have some interest, but what garners people's attention is reporting the old-fashioned way. Reporters need to talk with people of many walks in life. They need to be familiar with the community and do research. Hurray for the Daily News' changes. It's about time!
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