Thursday, June 19, 2008

Middletown Democratic Endorsements

I did not attend the meeting. The current leadership is much too toxic for my tastes. While I am a Democrat, I am a much happier one when I stay with a group of positively focused, informed, educated, and civil group of adults. Old-time pols, intolerance of other's opinions, verbal insults with language that would get you thrown out of school, and just plain booring meetings dominated by a handful of speakers ain't my cup of tea. Life is difficult enough by its very nature to purposely surround yourself with negativity. Sorry, leaderhip comments in March about the "beer-soaked parade" & other derogatory inferences about the Irish, Fifith Warders, & non-partisan elections did it for me. And I'm only half-Irish & never lived in the Fifth Ward!

However, I do have friends who keep trying to fight the good fight in spite of all the above & think the Dem. Town Com. is relevant & worth fighting for. God bless them, I hope that they are right & that they have sucess.

So, the endorsement stuff. This means that the Party will officialy back you with whatever resources that they have. It also means that fewer signature of voters are needed for the necessary paperwork. Now you can still run as a Democrat (unendorsed), but you need 50 individual signature on your paperwork as opposed to 50 signatures for the endorsed group as a whole. Got it?

Four candidates were voted on & endorsed: Elrony Williams, Arak Bozyan, Rich Cambra,Chris Semonelli. It was announced that Shirley Mello & Paul Roderigues will NOT run.

That's it. Candidates have to have file the first set of paperwork (Declaration of Candidacy) from 06/23/2008 to 06/25/2008. In other words, it ain't over till it's over.

Elrony is a former Shcool Committee member. Arak is the brother-in-law of the current Dem. Town Com. Chair. He serves on another town committee but I'm drawing a blank. Richard Cambra serves on the Econ. Devlop. committee & I believe he is alternate on the Zoning Board. Chris is the owner of the local Sears.

Ed Silveira is running as an unendorsed Dem. & so is Bob Sylvia (unless they don't). I'm also aware of another one or two. Barbara Von Villas is running as an Independent.

If you would like more info on running, e-mail me privately. Hey, I was the oldest child. I'm the responsible one. And I learned plenty early on when to speak up & when to keep my mouth shut.

On the Rep. side I just have gossip- they don't conduct regular discussions with me. I hear that they definitely did NOT want to join forces with the Dems for a unified ticket. I do believe that some Dems. are just too toxic right now. The Town Com. also had a candidate litmus test of no non-partisan elections.

Like I've said before- "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy ride." Feel free to post comments or what your're hearing out there.

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