Friday, June 20, 2008

Farewell Rodrigues & Mello

It's hard to change your mind when the "Daily News" prints it. Although we may have disagreed politically sometimes, make no mistake about it. I have the highest respect for BOTH of them. Just running for office merits applause in my book. Let alone more than once.

A Councilor for ANY town/city is a time-consuming job. The pay is ridiculous, the responsibility is enormous, & someone is ALWAYS angry with you. My hat is off to both of them.

Mistakes made- surely. That marks them as- human.

Shirley has family concerns to focus her attention on as does Paul. Not only does he have a demanding job often taking him out-of-state (yes, he has to cross bridges), but he has a baby. Kids change your life, not to mention your priorities.

Sometimes it's just time to move on. And this is it.

The article also lists the Republicans running: current Councilors Santos ("Mother Theresa") & Barrows. The latter has no nickname because she rarely speaks (or smiles). She also has aspirations for Sen. Gibbs' job in the future, so I hear. Can you pass these positions along?

They also have Antone Viveiros who is a writer here but has yet to post (hint, hint) and Cheryl Foster. I have a LOT of respect for Antone & his group. He's persistent, determined, & has his facts. We don't always agree politically, but his party in the past has given him short shrift, to be sure.

I'm sad to hear that neither Ned Draper nor Bill Coogan will be running for non-partisan School Committee again. I've heard (Dem) Liz Bozyan's name mentioned but that's it. If you're interested, this is the time!

The Dem. Town Committee also gave endorsements to Lou DiPalma for St. Senate (current- Sen. Gibbs). & Deb Ruggiero for St. Rep. Dist. 74 (current- Rep. Long), but since they don't actually have the power to do this, these are symbolic gestures. Both Long & Gibbs will run again (opinion). Why not?

“Paul and Shirley really should speak for themselves on their reasoning [for not running],” Lavine said. “With that said, I’ve talked with quite a few people and I have to conclude that the average person is a little unsettled with the recent back and forth on the council. It’s been very difficult. … It’s supposed to be fun and you’re supposed to feel like you’re accomplishing something, but it hasn’t been much fun recently.

And who's fault is that? Let' see. When a Town Committee officer refers to other members at meetings as "bitches" ... When the Chair decides on a litmus test of no non-partisan elections (and blames Newport's Cicilline's loss on this)... When neither Bob Sylvia nor Ed Silveira are ASKED by the nominating committee (headed up by Arlene Kaull) if they want to run again (now THAT is unusual), what do you expect? But they are both bad boys. Why is that?

I find the Dem. Town Com. meetings no "fun recently" either. But you wouldn't want to ever speak with me. The Chair has never even had a conversation with me and many other current members in two yrs. But like Ed & Bob, I'm a "bad girl." Sorry, just don't like to be controlled- been there, done that. Now mind you, I'm speaking of current leadership only. Members are A-ok in my opinion. God bless 'em for fighting the good fight in trying times. Currently there are just too many things going on in my life to surround myself with negativity- at least on purpose!

Yup, it's going to be an interesting election in Middletown. This Wed. "Declaration" forms are due in Town Hall. Both parties could still come up with last minute candidates. They're digging as we speak. And then there are the Undeclared candidates. Could belong to any Party or none.

So the main issue on the Dems. side is- restore "fun" to politics? Yup, works for me.

Check out Jim Gillis' "Spare Change" column. "Who needs reality TV when we have Middletown politics?" EXACTLY. Why stay home with nothing to do when you could witness reality politics? And people think politics is dull? Heck, it's got everything- mystery, suspense, surprise endings, sex, money, cops, lawyers, you name it. Dull people- sometimes. Lively topics- frequently.

Any other names for candidates that anyone wants to throw out? I'm speaking figuratively here, not literally.

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