Thursday, June 12, 2008

Middletown Council Meetings

Some interesting agenda topics coming up. On the 16th at 6 the town budget will be finalized. At the regular meeting (7) the Chair of the Charter Review Commission and former School Committee Chair, Barbara VonVillas has submitted a personal letter which she would like to discuss. She has 3 items that are of concern to her & which may (or may not) initiate some discussion.

Firstly she believes that police presence is not necessary to "make people behave." She believes that if people cross the line, they should be reported & charges filed.

Secondly, she complains that the Council "behaves in a manner that embarasses the town." She wants the tone of the meetings changed.

Lastly, she wants civil behavior by council members. There should be mutual respect and councilors should give up "self-interest and [begin] acting for the betterment of ALL the citizens of Middletown, no matter their personal or pollitical inclinations."

But, but, Barbara, what will I write about??? Perhaps she should wear a Kevlar vest.

Ten town employees will be recognized for their participation in the armed services. Councilor Santos wants more names added to the War Memorial & this group is seeking input for inconclusion.

There is a meeting the next day at 6 to consider amendments to the Town Charter.
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