Friday, June 13, 2008

Former Middletown T.Admin. Wants Redress

The fat lady just hasn't sung yet- or in this case- the skinny guy, former Town Admin. Gerry Kempen.

The Brenda Starr of the Projo, reporter Meaghan Wims has an article regarding a NEW letter from Kempen. This letter is from a new lawyer in which he requests a closed meeting with the Council “seek[ing] redress for recent, and continuing events surrounding his departure from the employ of the Town of Middletown,” Kempen’s new lawyer, Michael T. Brady wrote in a letter Tuesday.

I missed this docket posting as it has a lawyer's name on it- silly me. I should have read a LOT more carefully.

Evidently Kempen has taken offense with Councilor charges that he did not want a public meeting, that he threatened to sue the town, and other terms that have been thrown about at Council meetings cncerning his recent departure to his detriment.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Open mouth, insert feet. From Councilor Silveira:

Silveira said he welcomes Kempen’s latest offer as a perhaps another chance to “clear the air once and for all.”

Silveira wouldn’t surmise why Kempen would seek “redress,” but he said, “I can tell you I have had some concern with some of the public statements that have been made at previous council meetings, comments directly from the council president suggesting Mr. Kempen didn’t want to come forward.”

“I think it’s very unfortunate that the majority continues to conceal information that I think the people in town want to know,” Silveira added. “At this point, it just boggles my mind that the majority of the council is protecting one of its own, if not all of them. … That’s nothing but a fa├žade.

It’s a political spin. The bottom line is they paid Mr. Kempen to shut up.

...or as Councilor Sylvia terms it- "hush money." Them sounds like fightin' words to me. Time for a ruling on Sylvia's motion to reconsider Kempen coming forward to publicly speak which so far has been ignored.
Kempen said he’s still willing to speak with the council in open session. “My offer to talk with the council publicly always stands,” Kempen said.
“They’ve been very clear that they don’t want to do that and I respect that.”

Thanks to Meaghan & a big duh! from me.
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