Monday, June 23, 2008

Middeltown Council Candidate

I've been encouraged and asked to run for political office many times. The past two years I've hesitated to commit to anything. Running a campaign is not only time consuming, but expensive. Recent family health concerns occupied much of my time. It's all part of being the sandwich generation- older parents who need help and children still at home & needing assistance, plus my husband & myself.

While I would have liked to have run for State Senate of this District again & increase that 47% vote to 51% (so near & yet so far), my presence is required here for now. Ah, June, you knew I was there both times.

I have been greatly disturbed by some Town Council actions during the past two terms. Dirty tricks, leadership sometimes lacking, a lack of tolerance for those with different views, secret agreements- it just goes on & on, doesn't it?

We all deserve better here in Middletown. I know how government works, how to run a campaign, and how to help others achieve goals. When Rep. Long at the beginning of a campaign season questioned my experience & abilities a few years ago, I took umbrage. For more than 30 years I convinced students who didn't want to come into my classroom, that they did. I then persuaded them that they wanted to do what they really did not want to do. And then when it was time for them to leave, I persuaded them that they should come back days & do the whole thing all over again. If that isn't leadership, what is?

I will run for the Council. I am running as an Independent candidate. I did not ask the Dems for an endorsement; although I have the greatest repect for the local Party- just not the current leadership. I respect members of all local political parties & those who choose not to affiliate- the electorate. I am a registered Democrat.

When I vote, I probably vote like most of you. I look at the candidates first and party second. I want Council candidates who will make the Kempen agreement public, will devise a behavior policy and eliminate police presence at meetings, who will be fair & tolerant. I want a Council exhibiting leadership of benefit to all members of the town, not just a few insiders. I want all the Charter recommendations put up for a public vote. Committee and board memberships should have a written policy for appointments. Our government needs to be efficiently run. The taxpayer deserves it.

Constant pressure on our state legislators needs to be the rule of the day demanding more financial support. With more support we could properly support our community & improve education. Property taxes are high because the Governor & Legislature keep them that way.

We need to being "greening" our community like Newport has & clean up any pollution we have. Plans need to be made for the Navy's excessed property. Our business climate must encourage good jobs along with encouraging affordable housing. Our property taxes need to be lowered & it's time for the State to step up to plate.

That's my story & I'm sticking to it. Hopefully, others will join me as candidates. If you have an announcement, I'll run it if you send it. You just can't say anything bad about me! LOL!

Again, Projo's Meaghan Wims is on the job & beat me to my own story. Fom what she's observed in local politics over the past few years (she also covers Mass.), she's probably patting herself on the back that she chose journalism over politics. Muckrackers- rise!
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