Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Better Food Wanted for School Meals

Excellent article by reporter Sean Flynn in today's Newport Daily. More local produce- Yes! Good for everyone!
[Parents and residents] are asking for more fresh local produce and whole grains and fewer processed foods to be included in school meals.

Chartwells is the vendor in Middletown & Sodexo in Newport. Sorry, don't know about Tiverton & Little Compton.
“I’m not in opposition to healthier foods,” School Superintendent John H. Ambrogi said. “But there is a higher cost of healthier and more nutritious foods.”
54% of Newport students receive gov't subsidized food. Sad that we have plenty of monies for war but little funding to feed kids lunch & breakfast.

Go Jennifer Quigley-Harris & the 31 other parents/residents who signed!!!
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