Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sylvia Wants a Council Mulligan

Here is some of Councilor's Sylvia's letter for the next Council agenda. He states that he is making a motion to invite former Town Admin. Kempen to appear at a public meeting. He was not present at the last meeting when a motion to make Kempen's agreement failed with a tie vote (he was not present). This may actually need to be a motion to rescind, though I'm no parliamentarian.

In the public and government affairs arena, the perception of this council is that we pay hush money, conspire to cover-up violations of our Town Charter and that we have abused our elected powers. We must advocate making our actions transparent.

We’re fortunate to have a former Town Administrator who is willing to openly and honestly discuss all matters of concern. This I suggest to you, my fellow councilor’s is the only way that we can regain the trust and support of those citizens that have entrusted us to do what is right.

Having said that, I am making a motion to extend an invitation to our former Town Administrator Mr. Kempen, to appear before us at a public hearing to discuss in detail the reasons for his departure from town service. My motion also includes complete and absolute immunity from any possible breaches of his separation agreement with the Town of Middletown.

My suggestion, show up at the Mon. 6:00 meeting & see what materializes.
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