Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recent News Links for District Towns

The weekly East Bay newspapers just get better & better. Tom Shevlin has a few articles up. One concerns the Middeltown Town Council recent meeting. Read yet another take on the recent brouhaha. I'm really eager to know what "embarassment" the Council was trying to protect us all from. With the Council paying close to $100,000 in separation costs for the former Town Admin, exactly what did we save by not going to court & being sued? And what would we have been sued for?

And here's another article on the town's new conservation zoning.

Anthony Spiratos is featured in an article on wind power (with pic!).

Another article is on lobstermens' attempts to get certain methoprene- an insect-killing pesticide banned. So far they have been sucessful in Newport, Middletown, Little Compton. (reporter- Jill Rodrigues)

Reporter Tom Dalglish writes about Tiverton's recent town budget meeting. Taxpayers are agry & I don't blame them. You can finger-point to local school committees & coucils, but the finger is more correctly aimed at the guv & legislature.

Little Compton's town budget meeting is on for next Tues.
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