Friday, May 16, 2008

Middletown Charter Review Hearing Cancelled

The first hearing on proposed Chater changes was supposed to be Thurs. night. There was no quorum & so no hearing. Showing up were Councilors Mello, Silveira, & Santos. Odd, the prez was not there & was not out of town on business. There were Charter committee members in the audience & a few others.

With the Dem. Town Committee leadership decidely against non-partisan elections, this may well prove to be very interesting topic. Councilor Mello has said in the past that she favored them. Considering that Republican Mello & Barrows ran on the same ticket as Dems Mello, Rodrigues, & Sylvia- it seems as if it's already been there, done that. The local Dem leadership maintains this is not so & it's different now that they are in charge- ??? Revisionist history. Yes, it's nice to have flexible beliefs, standards, & platforms, which may explain the lack of a full slate yet and not much $ in the bank. Councilors Sylvia & Silveira still have not yet been asked to be on the slate. And forget School Committee candidates. With the non-partisan elections for them, they are orphans.

This month has been a killer schedule for the Council with budget hearings, etc. But we don't expect them to have actual lives, right? The next Chater hearing will be Thurs., May 29 at 6. Committee Chair Barbara VonVillas is not happy. Expect to hear more about this.
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