Friday, May 09, 2008

Former Town Admin. Kempen's Letter

**Update** - We’ll find out where Jimmy Hoffa is buried before we get the skinny on Gerry Kempen’s farewell package. From Jim Gillis in today's "Daily News."

Despite the agreement clause that prohibits either side from revealing the contents, Kempen states that he is delighted that the Council wants to discuss the agreement that he signed.

He not only wishes the full doc release- due to the damage that various rumors have caused, but believes that it is in the best interests of the town to do so in order to for the incident to be put to rest.

To definitively end the matter he also encourages an invitation from the Council to explain what led up to this agreement & further explain what his lawyer's letter meant when it referred to intereference by certain town officials.

This letter is not being made public by him in the spirit of agreed to confidentiality & I did not receive any communications from him on its contents.
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