Friday, May 09, 2008

But, But, You Endorsed Them!

Today's Daily News editorial blasts the Newport City Council for not endorsing the North Side Master Plan & refers to them as the "Do-Nothing Council."

Yet they endorsed 4 of them. One rec'd no endorsement (Kathryn Leonard) as she had no opposition. They single out Mayor Waluk for rebuke, but they also endorsed him. You told us that in the next two years Newport would best be served by four of these people.

You also told us that the current sitting Middletown Council would be best for all of us (although Silveira & DiPalma rec'd lukewarm endorsements with spankings). You editorialized that Councilors Barrows, Santos, Mello, and Rodrigues were the "nucleus of a team that could move beyond the campaign rhetoric and continue to move the town forward." So, how did that work out?

Just curious. I realize that this endorsement process requies a lot of work on your part. Perhaps some revamping is called for?
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